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A comprehensive guide to orthofacial Surgery

by Maurice Y. Mommaerts


Planning and Operative Techniques

ISBN 9789080776500




ISBN 9789080776524


Ideally for patient education (eg in the orthodontic office)

This is a print book, not an electronic publication.
The ISBN numbers are 9789080776500 (Volume 1) and 9789080776524 (Volume 2).

Purchase the hardcopy set (Volume I & II complete in their beautiful case) and receive the flipbook for free.

Discover the flipbook

The culmination of surgical correction of hard and soft tissue facial imperfections in the two volumes is a historical landmark in the field of aesthetic facial surgery.

Johan Reyneke - Johannesburg

Unifying the fields of facial plastic surgery and ortho-maxillo-facial surgery under the rubric “Orthofacial Surgery” in a single edition by a single author is a paramount achievement that I believe will be instructive to both the neophyte and the seasoned surgeon interested in the discipline.

Sam Lam Dallas

l certainly want to have a copy of this book in my library, and I would expect that many involved in both plastic and maxillofacial surgery will as well.

S. Anthony Wolfe Miami